Capcom Challenge Teases a "Third" in Mega Man 10 *Updated*

Throughout today, the Capcom Unity had been offering a series of challenges to its members, with each success revealing another piece of a puzzle for a mysterious image. The Unity came through, and the following image was revealed:

Indeed, there is a new piece of "iam8bit" art for those who love the self-parodying style Capcom has chosen to promote the latest Mega Man titles. However, there is more to the image than meets the eye, as is seemingly evidenced by Capcom saying:

What's so special about this?'s a hint. There's a third. A third what? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

I don't think anyone reading this has to think twice about what he's talking about, and that large hand in the foreground likely belongs to the mysterious third playable character alluded to by Nintendo Power upon revealing the game. Of course, it is a bit difficult to accurately discern just who it could be, given the nature of the "iam8bit" style-- Proto Man doesn't have big, red, spherical shoulders normally, for example.

We can guess all we like, with Bass and Duo being perhaps the top two respective favorites, but we will know for sure tomorrow, and bring you the news then.

Update: As Rock-X has pointed out in the comments below, this image can be combined with the previous image to form a larger picture:

Click to enlarge.

It doesn't quite mesh perfectly, unless you slide the right image up a little. Either way, the two pieces are clearly meant to go together. What's more-- and I can't believe I didn't pick up on this until now-- part of the file name on Capcom's press site for the right-hand part with the logo is "MM10_MIDDLE_Cover," which means that there should be one more piece, to the right of the above.

So, it appears that the "third" hint may have a double meaning. That, or the first meaning was merely a complete misinterpretation. I guess we'll see come Tuesday.

Oh, and now we know whose arm that is. Sort of.

Fun bonus fact: when resizing the right image to match the height of the left image, doing so made the width of the right image "1987"-- the year the original Mega Man title was released. Coincidence? I'll leave the conspiracy theorists among you to figure that one out.