Mega Man 10 Hands On Continued: Videos

Following up my previous post, here is the actual video footage of my adventures in Mega Man 10's stadium stage. The first two videos are the game's normal difficulty, and the third is easy difficulty. You should also keep an eye on Takes On Tech, as Doug of that site also recorded my gameplay for his own reporting, and his camera looked a lot better than the one I brought!

I also have a little Q&A with Jason Allen of Capcom that I need to transcribe, but for right I'm just... so incredibly tired. Goodnight and enjoy the footage!

Update: Digital Chumps has some of their own footage that shows the stage in better color levels, and louder sound from the setup. It appears the spiked soccer balls actually aren't instant death as I had suspected (but I didn't wait around to get hit by them ;P). That being the case, however, means the stage demo featured no instant death traps at all. Is Inti Creates lightening up a little? Or perhaps they're just pampering the reviewers.