The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle

Yesterday, OverClocked Remixer DarkeSword contacted me to let me know about a little something going down over on the OC Remix site.

The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle sees entrants don the identity of any Robot Master from the original Mega Man series for the duration of the tournament. From there, they are pitted against a rival Robot Master entrant, and have one week to create a track using both characters' themes in a "versus" remix.

As we speak, entrants have been selected and battle lines have been drawn, as you can see in the tournament bracket above. At the end of each round, there will be a one-week public voting period to determine who has the better mix. "Voters should consider production, enjoyability, and how well the piece incorporates both themes."

Following that, winners will be matched against other winners in the Champions Bracket, while the defeated shall have their chance at vengeance in the Revenge Bracket. From there, the winner of the Revenge Bracket can challenge the winner of the Champions for the crown. "This way, even if someone gets eliminated in the first round, they still have a shot at taking the title."

For full details, voting, and more, check out the full post in the OC ReMix forums here.