Capcom Store cuts 10% for 10 days on MM goods

In honor of the announcement of Mega Man 10, and Mega Man's 22nd anniversary, the Capcom Store is cutting 10% from all their Mega Man goods for the next ten days. If you've been eying some Mega Man goods, or want to get a last minute gift for the Mega Man fan in your heart, here's a nice little deal. And what's that? What's with that banner? Why, could those be new Mega Man 10 Robot Masters!? Well, sort of. The image, and robots, are actually from MegaPhilX's Mega Man 10 fan game (which seems to be looking for a new name, now). Kind of an odd choice if you ask me, but also a little flattering, no?

Must admit though, I'm a little bummed those Mega Man 10 shirts aren't on the shop yet. I'd still pay full price for one, though!

News Credit: Adam