Mega Man 10 in March, Commando Man, Yashichi, and More

Commando Manwith an assist from LBD "Nytetrayn" So, remember that issue of Nintendo Power? It's out, along with Inafune's interview.

The interesting part? A new Robot Master! Meet Commando Man, and see what he's all about here.

Picking up from where we left off before with new stages, you can expect a new ice boss in charge of the glacier stage. It's filled with snowmen with exploding heads and ice blocks which break if shot or touched. A sewer stage is filled with slug-like Mets, while a stadium features foes of different sports, including baseball-throwing robots and soccer ball platforms that rise when shot, plus a soccer goal mid-boss who acts as its own goalie.

The desert stage features what is said to be one of the toughest obstacles in the form of vision-obscuring sandstorms that can push you into unseen spikes and walls. That is, unless you manage to eke out a safe spot during the storm. There is also a computer themed stage which even has mouse pointer-like enemies.

For those who find developer Inti Creates' efforts to be on the verge of overwhelming, they will find salvation in a familiar face-- or rather, symbol. Capcom's iconic Yashichi returns from way back in the very first Mega Man game, ready to refill the Blue Bomber's Life and Weapons energy in its entirety. Need more? Then visit the between-level shop and stock up on the items you need, just as in Mega Man 9.

As alluded to before, Mega Man 10 features difficulty settings. Easy mode is said to make the game's difficulty more in line with Mega Man 2, but a Hard mode is there for those who want and can take the punishment.

Nintendo Power notes that the game will also contain multiple modes, in-game achievement-style challenges, online ranking, and downloadable content. But unfortunately, there will be no female Robot Masters this time out; instead, Producer Keiji Inafune allowed the developers a chance to create their own bosses for the Blue Bomber's latest venture. Hopefully Mega Man can hold up, as he'll be sporting the same move set as last time; that is, no sliding or charge shots. Better call on the bigger bro if that's your need.

Finally, the most important item of note is the release date: get your weapons ready for a very Mega March in 2010.

In addition to screens of the new game, volume 250 of Nintendo Power features a full interview with Mega Mastermind Keiji Inafune. So what are you waiting for? Go out a buy the issue!

Special thanks to The Red Priest for the tip!