Another golden Rockman 4 - Ring Man's Hiromi Uchida speaks

ringRockman 4's boss character contest is one of the most well known because of the eight golden Rockman 4 catridges that were awarded to the winners. We know that one has been sold off to a Japanese retro game store, where it has sat unpurchased for years at an astounding price. There was also the account of Yoshitaka Enomoto, Bright Man's designer, who still cherishes his copy of the game. We've now pinpointed another account via the Rockman fansite Rockmania. Ring Man's designer Hiromi Uchida offers the account of her experience entering and winning the boss character contest, and shows off her copy of the golden cartridge (pictured right). Here is the translation of her story.

How do you do. I'm the one who submitted "Ring Man" for Rockman 4. Because my little brother has been strongly persuading me, I'm writing about my account for this. By the way, I'm female. So I was a student then, you know? Actually, Ring Man's name suddenly came to me while I was in class, and I wrote it in my notebook so I wouldn't forget. I really liked Magnet Man, so of course I decided on a red body. Truth is I had to erase some stuff and rewrite the entry I sent in since I made some mistakes, and I thought "They're probably not going to accept this."

And here is the golden Rockman 4 cartridge I received when my entry was accepted. When I first played the game, I was pretty astonished at how difficult Ring Man's stage was! And what's more, they put it in space. But Ring Man himself was a scool as I'd imagined him, and I was pretty happy.

Today I almost never play games, but I do observing my little brother playing. Even now he seems in a daze while he's playing. I was also told to check this homepage (Rockmania). I give my thanks for the establishment of such a cool website. I feel glad and at the same time pretty nostolgic.

But don't misunderstand me. I'm still young!

Very cool stuff. I really hope more of these accounts keep coming. We may even find out who was the naughty one who sold his golden cartridge. Oh, and for those curious, here's the original Ring Man design by Uchida.


News Credit: Rockmania, via CAP Kobun