"What Am I Fighting For?!" Update

Just a quick note, a reminder of sorts to those who kept up with our last post about the contest: we have decided to extend the contest deadline indefinitely to allow for more people to enter and have time to work on and polish up their entries. I have not heard back from Jaxel regarding any preference as to when to end this, but I'm hoping that with the Christmas and New Year holidays and vacation coming up, that it will be enough time for people to do what they would like to do. As such, I figure ending the contest a little into the new year-- I'm thinking at the end of the second week of January-- should hopefully give people the extra time they need.

And for those who have already submit entries to the contest, you are more than welcome to adjust, fine-tune, or otherwise work more on your entries and send them to us again, if you wish. We still have the originals if those are what you prefer to stand with.

Remember, entries and questions go to mmncontest(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks, and I hope we'll see more of your best inquiries into the reason for which you are engaged in conflict.