Capcom starts OSS comic strip; groaner already ensues

osscomic_01 As another small, special promotion, Capcom of Japan's Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage will release eight yonkoma (4-panel) comic strips through November and December. The first is out now, which as you can see above I've mediocrely translated. I'm not much of a typeset guy, or very funny, as this one in particular required a little improvisation, so bear with me on these. This is definitely LBD's taste in humor though.

Now for the Japanese nerditry corner. As you can tell, this comic's humor is derived from wordplay. Net Battle, written in Japanese, is "netto batoru" (ネットバトル). However, we find out in this last frame that is is actually a "nettou" (熱湯) battle, which means boiling water. In Japanese it seems there's little else to pun "netto" with. But what's funnier than some wordplay and scalding your friend horribly with boiling  hot water? Though in fairness, I guess Mega and Proto aren't friends yet in this game.

Aside from "ket battle," the only other thing I could come up with was "wet battle," but that lacks the implication of hotness. Also it just sounds... disturbing somehow.

The next comic comes out on the 12th, OSS's release date. I can't wait.