This Weekend: Ocean City Trinity's Mega Man Marathon

Wow, these marathons sure seem to have become popular, haven't they? The Ocean City Trinity has notified us that they are holding such a marathon themselves this weekend on Friday, November 6th at 7pm EST. Their goal: to raise donations for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, "which provides food, shelter, and other basic living needs to the homeless around the Atlantic City area."

The marathon is planned to cover the entire core Classic series from 1-9, as well as Mega Man & Bass. From there, they will move on to the core X series games, 1-8. And then, if there is time or donations are sufficient, they will delve into the Zero series. If you're interested in watching and supporting them and their cause, you can tune in on their website or UStream.

They will no doubt be getting a lot of weapons during that time; will you help them get a lot of donations as well?