Rockman and Blues to grace Kubrick toy set

mmkubrickNo, I don't mean the director. Kubrick is a Japanese figurine, somewhat similar to a Lego figure. However, a large variety of Kubrick figures are modeled after characters from movies and so forth, including a number of limited edition figures, making them a popular collector's item. In February of next year, Rockman and Blues will be among the collectibles. Both the Rockman and Blues figures will stand at 7cm tall. Rockman has a additional parts so that you can make him helmetless and comes with two facial mmkubrick2expressions and a removable buster. Meanwhile, Blues has his optional Breakman face and removable shield and buster. Both figures also come with translucent Be@rbrick figures which have sprites of the respective 1-Up of each on the front. Each figure will run ¥2,940, or roughly $31.94 US by today's conversion.

I imagine these will be fairly sought after by Rockman toy collectors!

News Credit: CAP Kobun