MM Official Complete Works, Chip Tuned Rockman on sale today

mmocw_cvrMega Man merchandise is always great, and today a couple pieces of Mega Man merchandise are now available for sale. First off is Mega Man Official Complete Works. Translated and edited by Udon, this huge format, 200 page book contains tons of artwork, concept art and designer notes covering the classic Mega Man series. Owning the Japanese edition myself, I can tell you it's an awe inspiring collection of artwork that classic Mega Man fans need to have. The book is available on Amazon, among other sites likely, and if you order it through Amazon via the ad button you see on the right side of the site, that helps us out a little bit! ctrNext up is Chip Tuned Rockman, a collection of 8-bit inspired Mega Man music remixes, that has officially gone on sale in Japan. For some deeper details and samples, you can check out our review. This one isn't going to be as easy to get outside of Japan. Fortunately for those of us living outside of Japan, this one is available on CDJapan, a seller of Japanese CDs and DVDs that I can recommend via personal experience. This is probably the easiest means to import for now. Still, I hope Capcom will start putting albums like this on iTunes or a similar service soon!