Vote Mega Man in GameSpot's "All Time Greatest Video Game Hero" Contest

Now is the time to make our voices heard, Mega Fans! GameSpot is holding a GameFAQs-ish contest (which is apt, given the former owns the latter) to determine who the "All Time Greatest Video Game Hero" is. Round 1 is going on as of this writing, and the Blue Bomber appears to be having an easy time of it, so far besting fellow Capcom stablemate Mayor Mike Haggar of Final Fight by 86.4 percent of the vote, bringing in a tally of 32,315 votes to Haggar's 5,108. Provided he stays the course, his next battle in the bracket comes against the formidable duo of Ratchet & Clank from their eponymous series, and if he should best the pair (who are currently dominating Gex), then he'll have to face either fellow power-copier Kirby or fellow Capcom family member Dante of Devil May Cry.

Perhaps it's important to note that the name "Mega Man" in this contest seems to represent all Mega Men, from the original DRN-001 series robot to Mega Man X to their distant spiritual descendant in MegaMan Volnutt, as the "Behind the Hero" profile seems to draw no distinction between characters, be it X or EXE-- this is for the franchise, so let's get out there and make our votes count!

News Credit: Auto