New Mega Man 9 Remix Project Teaser & Release Date

New Mega Man 9 Remix Project Teaser & Release DateBack in July, we posted about a Mega Man 9 Remix Project started by the Overclocked ReMix Community. Finally, more news has been released on the album! First off, the most recent track submission date of September 1st (aka today) was "a success". Secondly, a new teaser is available for download to get all the fans amped. And last, but not least, the album has an official release date. That's right. This December (most likely the 15th) you can fill your ears with over 20 tracks of Mega Man remixes made by fans like you!

To help pass the time before December comes, be sure to grab the new teaser. It contains almost 3 minutes of new material! It's full of good stuff and I'm not just saying that because the second track in it is mine. And before you say, "Hey! The second-to-last song is from Mega Man ZX, not Mega Man 9!", you should know the album contains a few bonus tracks (two from Mega Man ZX and one from Mega Man 2).

You can find the project site here. And don't forget, you can also stop by the forum and let the people involved know what you think!