MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Special 6 - Mega Man and Bass Cold Man

Is it cold in here, or is it just me? The answer? Neither; it's that repurposed refrigerator, Cold Man, up to his icy tricks. Fortunately, we have our resident game master, Ryudo, here to put him in his place.

And to do so, he's partnering up with the Blue Bomber once again, leaving bad boy Bass by the sidelines while he kicks up some snow. Of course, Mega Man & Bass is one of the games of the series most notorious for its challenge, and even Ryudo isn't immune to its effects.

Nonetheless, after avoiding some close calls, he breaks down the (Ice) Walls and makes Cold Man wish he'd never stopped babysitting dinosaur DNA:

Check back with us in a few days, and we'll see how he fares against another of the series robosicles.