MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Special 4 - Mega Man 6: Blizzard Man

The Megapaluza continues for our visitors (or those we hope to be visitors) from down at the South Pole! This time out, we're back to the authentic, legit, 100 percent Capcom-approved official software for our videos, and this time Ryudo is bringing the pain to Blizzard Man of Mega Man 6 in a perfect no-damage run. Fun fact: Mega Man 6 is the one Classic series title Capcom did not publish when it was initially released in North America; Nintendo decided to do the job themselves. Of course, I'm sure you avid Mega Man fans already knew that.

Now, on to the video!

Personally, I still love the fact that there are robots based on Curling stones littered throughout the course of the stage.

Check back with us in a few days, when we feature another video run by Ryudo versus yet another frosty fiend!