A Legendary Issue of PSM

Once upon a time, in the long, long ago, Mega Man Legends once went by another name: "Mega Man Neo." And then "Mega Man Nova," for about a day or two, but that's neither here nor there. During that time, very little was known about the Blue Bomber's impending maiden voyage into the world of 3-D gaming. Fortunately, there came a light to show us the way, and to impart knowledge of what to expect. That light was PSM, the "100% Independent PlayStation Magazine." And to commemorate the occasion, they featured a cover which depicted not only the blue Digger we would come to know as MegaMan Volnutt, but also Zero, who represented the as-yet unreleased Mega Man X4, also covered within its pages. The two metal-clad heroes were depicted by comic book artist Adam Warren.

In addition to the coverage, there was also a handy "cheat sheet" for Mega Man X4, sized to be folded and slid into the game's jewel case. The insert showed where all items and capsules were, which Mavericks were vulnerable to which weapons, and even the two armor codes necessary to deck out the Maverick Hunters in their new duds.

Of course, the big attraction was learning what the new 3-D world of Mega Man Neo would bring. And you can find out by the same information I had to go on by checking out the scans hosted here. It's interesting to see what has changed, and what hasn't since that time.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner