A Tale of Two MegaMans: Operate Shooting Star in CoroCoro

The first info dump from CoroCoro has finally arrived, and the game is back to looking more like a cross over again, as our heroes in this remake are Lan, MegaMan and... MegaMan. Furthermore, we have some details on the new Navi ClockMan, who may or may not be the final design of the contest winner Clock Genius. But, first, pictures to soak in. www.dotup.org13015www.dotup.org13006www.dotup.org13037

Now, here are the details that we can gather. The game seems to star both BN MegaMan and SF MegaMan in the BN time period, although it's unaware if you can play as both. Right now, it appears as though SF MegaMan is the playable one. Furthmore, Harp Note appears too, making it likely that other SF cast members will show up.

There is a new Navi, ClockMan. He is an advanced Net Navi that was created in the SF time period, but of course has come back too. He may be the final design of the boss contest winning entry Clock Genius, but this apparently hasn't been determined entirely. For now it appears he's probably an enemy. His dialogue in the picture reads "By the way, I expect this plan to be fulfilled in 32 hours, 8 minutes and 12 seconds!!" This is likely the character indicated by the mysterious post on the RnR3 website.

A lot of the game's graphics appear to be taken directly from the original Battle Network. Mayl's room and the internet areas look exactly the same. However, the facial avatars appear to be new. Also, it looks like the game has a map system like BN5DS had.

The game will contain a slick opening movie.

This is what we can gather so far. The game's battle system has craftily not been shown off yet, and these new revelations will likely bring up many new questions. Hopefully updates later this month will make things a little more clear. Stay tuned.

Also, much thanks to Protodude of Protodude's Rockman Corner who helped keep track of this news, since I injured my shoulder earlier this week. This report is essentially from both of us.

News Credit: 2ch, Dark Messiah Blog