Mega Man Papered Up

Papercraft is awesome; this is an indisputable scientific fact. Dr. Cossack wanted to be a renegade, and tried to disprove it. Now look at him. And now, in the late doctor's absence, a new papercraft featuring the Powered Up version of the Blue Bomber, as seen at right, has surfaced thanks to DIL at the site Download. Sure, it may lack the playability or durability of some model kits and action figures, but for display, it gets the job done, and nicely.

Plus, there's that whole sense of satisfaction from having a direct hand involved in its creation. But be careful, word is that this one may be a tad complex for those new to the hobby. In addition, instructions are posted in Spanish, but English can be read by moving your cursor over the text.

Sadly, however, there are no other Mega Man papercraft, Powered Up or otherwise, on the site. But if you know a place to find more, tell us (and the community) in the comments below! And if, by some chance, you've created your own, drop us a line at [at] gmail-dot-com, and we'll help get the word out!

[Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner]