The MMN Antarctic Megapaluza

At The Mega Man Network, we like to think that we're doing an okay job of delivering various Mega Man news, information, and media to the world. But, if you were to look at our Clustrmap on the right-hand side of the page, you'll notice that we seem to be bringing in traffic from all over the world, every single continent... except one. And so, in an effort to broaden our demographic horizons, we are dedicating the month of August to you, Antarctica! Throughout the month, we'll be posting various cold and ice-themed Mega Man images, music, videos from our playman Ryudo, and perhaps other fun stuff throughout the month!

And for everyone else, well, it's the warm Summer months, so you can take this opportunity to "think cool." And we welcome user participation as well! If you have something from the "cooler" side of the franchise, feel free to send your artwork to artmistress Tabby at thetabbers [AT], and if you have something else to share-- perhaps a remix or AMV that fits with the theme, you can send it our way at [AT]

To kick things off, we present to you a special *almost* no-hits playthrough from Ryudo of the original ice-themed Mega Man stage and boss, Ice Man from the original Classic series title Mega Man:

So, here's to you, Antarctica! And we hope this will keep you coming back!