Super Mega Man?

Ah, memories. Once upon a time, as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was in its infancy, there was no Mega Man X, only Mega Man, and with heroes like Mario and Simon Belmont making the leap to Nintendo's 16-bit platform, I don't think any of us at the time imagined that eventually, a new hero would emerge.

I think it was around the time following Mega Man or 4's release that the first whispers of a "Super" Mega Man ("Super" being a common prefix for many a Super NES game, for those too young to remember) began to be heard, but for what seemed like forever, there were no visuals to get us hyped, only the far-off promise of a 16-bit Mega Man title to eventually make its way into our homes and our lives. Thinking back, I think what was largely expected was something like Mega Man 7, but what we got was clearly a beast all its own.

During that time of promise and uncertainty, video game magazine Game Players (R.I.P.) conducted an interview for their March 1993 issue with Capcom's Senior Vice-President, Joseph Morici. He revealed a few things about the franchise, including an early cue that Mega Man Soccer was soon to be on its way, as well as plans for the "Super" Mega Man to contain a battery back-up save system, which clearly did not come to fruition.

In addition, he also explains that it was he who chose the new name for the Blue Bomber when the time came to bring Rockman to the rest of the world.

You can read the article, brief though it may be, by clicking the image below. And for those old enough, you can think back to a different age of gaming.

Thanks to Protodude's Rockman Corner for the scan, and for bringing back the memories.