"The Secret Life of Mega Man" Post-Otakon Report

For the second year running, we are proud to announce that the second "OtaRockman" Mega Man panel at Otakon, held at 12:45pm on Saturday, July 18th, was a success. This was thanks in part to the Otakon staff moving us to a larger room than the workshop room we filled at the last minute in 2008-- and we still couldn't fit everyone in! We apologize to those who could not get in to see the show, and hopefully next year will see us hosting a panel with an even bigger room. "The Secret Life of Mega Man," as it was known, was a joint-production hosted by The Mega Man Network (myself and Tabby), Rockman.EXE Online (Ryouko), and Stardroids.net (Terra), with some added assistance by Lady Red Draco of Mechadrake Assemblies, Maqqy of Maq's Hunter Hide-Out, PlaguedOne and Nobi from REO, and Hardcore Hecxz.

The panel consisted of showing several fan-favorite and lesser-known videos, both official and fanmade, as well as some Q&A. Mega Man fanfilm producer Eddie Lebron also passed along a note for those in attendance, stating that he had hoped to be there, but was hard at work editing the movie, and so couldn't make it.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our sponsors at Capcom and Udon, who provided us with a number of prizes for what seems to be our traditional raffle for prizes. Unfortunately, Udon's inclusion came at the last minute, and with their manga and Complete Works books still on the horizon, they had no actual Mega Man merchandise on-hand to offer. However, they very graciously gave us several copies of other manga they had on hand for us to raffle off to a number of lucky winners.

In addition, Seth Killian of Capcom*Unity gave us our grand prize: the rare, elusive, and valuable Mega Man 9 press kit, as seen above, which one more lucky winner got to take home.

There were also many other prizes of various Mega Man items, including the NT Warrior Battle boardgame, copies of vintage Mega Man NES games, a Japanese Rockman.EXE Battle Chip Challenge game (mint in box), stickers, MegaMan Legends games, handkerchiefs, a facial cloth, notebooks, a home-made Metool helmet, and more.

We should have some video available in time (which should be interesting, given how much of the panel itself was video), and we will keep you updated on that front as it comes. But for now, we hope to see you next year!