u-Capcom, Daletto World coming to an end

dalettosadAs read on CAPKobun, Daletto World will be ending its service in Japan on September 29th. The online environment, which allowed users to interact with paper-cutout avatars, was a joint effort between Capcom of Japan and Dwango, and headed up by Keiji Inafune, who took the role as "president." Daletto World first came online only last year. The announcement offered great thanks to its users for their support and love of Daletto World, but little insight as to why the service is ending. "President" Inafune, who maintains his own blog on Daletto, promises he will answer all questions from the users, and asks them to please be gentle. While Daletto World had not much to do with Capcom's gaming efforts, it did have some Mega Man related features, and was also used as a portal for Mega Man related announcements on occasion.

Meanwhile, it was also brought to my attention by viewer Fireman that the u-Capcom site will also be closing down at the end of this month. u-Capcom is an area of Capcom of Japan's website where developers can give announcements on games as well as insight into their development, along with interacting with users and displaying user fan artwork. u-Capcom will not be completely disappear, rather it will be merged with the Capcom Mobile service, a site for users to access via mobile phone.

Well the closing of these services are unlikely to affect Capcom of Japan in any major way, it is unfortunate news for those who enjoyed using them, especially those who had the opportunity to interact with Keiji Inafune.