Capcom's legacy surprise: 20 to 40 PS1 & PSP games coming to PSN

2694075354_55b6ae74e7Just when you thought Capcom couldn't be releasing more games this year, they go and tell Joystiq they're aiming for another 20 to 40 PSOne and PSP games to be released in the next few months. With that large a number, there's bound to be at least one Mega Man game in there.  Here's hoping they show MegaMan Legends some love, as well as Mega Man X and Mega Man 8 on the PSOne side.  I'm rooting for Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X on the PSP side (and Monster Hunter Freedom, editor's discretion).

According to a post on Capcom Unity, expect the first batch of PSOne games to arrive in late May.

Source: Joystiq, Capcom Unity