Rockman 5: Wily's Dream Space Released

Remember how back in the day Mega Man 5 used to be tough to beat, but nowadays it's one of the easiest games to best in the franchise (unless you do some crazy No Charge Shot/Slide challenge, among others) without much effort? Always wanted one of the most favoured of the NES titles to be much, much tougher? Furthermore have you always wanted some Kirby in your Mega Man 5?

Well Tar, maker of the Rockman 2 hack Rockman 2 Minimum has both these things covered with the release of Rockman 5: Wily's Dream Space, a hack of Rockman 5 for NES.

What is Wily's Dream Space? It's a complete overhaul of Rockman/Mega Man 5 with all levels redone, new music, edits made to weapons, modified Boss AI + Weaknesses along with MUCH stronger enemies. All these elements together make it a very tough game to handle.

Easily the best of the known MM5 hacks so far, it's challenging but fun at the same time. I personally love the new music that the game sports, course that MAY be because all of the songs in this game are lifted from other games like Earthbound and Donkey Kong Country;

The patch for the game can be found here, but obviously you'll have to find the ROM yourself. Being just released there aren't that many videos of it yet, although notable names like qzecwx and insectduel are already working on the game as we speak. Can't wait to see them tackle Gravity Man's level.

Okay so I cheated a little, I was sick of dying all the damned time! >_>

~Ryudo, who highly enjoys this even if his constant screaming at the game may say otherwise...