The MMN is No More; Long Live MMN! Woo-hoo!

A new age has dawned here at MMN; we are no longer the same site you once knew, as a radical change has taken hold: The Mega Man Network is no more; long live The Mega Mario Network! For too long, we've had to endure the mishandling and shortsightedness Capcom has forced upon their greatest franchise, Mega Man. It could have been the king, with a cast of characters and an epic mythos, a vast universe that could have easily stood alongside such greats as Star Wars, Star Trek, or TransFormers, as a franchise which can endure through the ages from one generation of fans to the next.

And frankly, I'm just plain tired of dealing with it all, anyway. Contradiction, convolutions, and plot holes abound throughout the franchise's many series, making it resemble a block of swiss cheese. Tasty swiss cheese, perhaps, but no less full of holes and that thought which lingers in the back of your mind, asking "did a mouse make those?"

It's been almost ten years without a Legends 3. I don't know what happens to Axl after X8, I don't know if we'll ever find out what comes after that ridiculously hard-to-get ending in ZX Advent, and worst of all, they can't even be bothered to come up with a decent throwaway reason for why Zero has an entirely different design in Mega Man Zero, instead just saying "he's always looked like that."

Bah. I'm done with it. So we're moving to a series that has a better sense of continuity: Mario.

In truth, we could have gone any number of ways when we decided to dump Mega Man and start anew: We could have gone with Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Halo, Metal Gear, or any of dozens of other video game franchises which could stand to have at least one good site dedicated to them.

However, the domain was already paid for, and New Super Mario Bros. has shown us the way in the form of the mighty Mega Mario. I realize that the change may seem sudden, perhaps outrageous to some, but rest assured, not that much has changed. For example, as of Mega Man 9, Mega Man can no longer charge his Buster. So plasma ball, fireball, it's all the same difference.

Plus, Mario can wall-jump now, just like X!

We're currently in the middle of working on the transition, but don't worry; you can still see what we've got by visiting the Mega Mario Universe Wiki, or discuss our newfound, enlightened direction in The Mega Mario Network Community. Or show your love for the world's favorite Italian plumber on our Mega Mario Oekaki boards.

To close, I would just like to paraphrase our newly-welcomed hero:

"Welcome! Welcome new MMN!"

Edit: And for those looking for the X9 story from yesterday, you can find that here in our old archive; a fitting farewell to arm-cannons, I think.

Mega Man sprites in the banner courtesy of Sprites, Inc.