Capcom pats our heads, lets us know MM9 did well

There has been some speculation and reasoning towards how well Mega Man 9 fared in the sales. Today, an interview on Destructoid with Capcom's Seth Killian lets us know Capcom is happy about how the game has done. As Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes asks:

D: While on the topic of Mega Man 9 secrets, Capcom has been pretty secretive about how well the game sold. Is there anything you can tell us about how successful the game was, like which console the game sold best on, and if it meet Capcom's sales expectations?

S: We don’t discuss specific numbers, but we were definitely happy with the sales of Mega Man 9. I can tell you it was our best-selling title ever on Wiiware (also our only title there so far J).

This doesn't tell us much in relation to MM9's PS3 and 360 numbers, but I think it's safe to say that the Wii version wields the lion's share of sales (considering it's the only version available in Japan). This is pretty good news to those of us looking forward to Mega Man 10.

Additionally, Seth also touched on this supposed MM9 secret again.

D: A while back you said that there was one last secret in Mega Man 9 that no one had discovered yet. Since then, has anyone discovered it? Either way, can you tell us what it is?

S: So far as I know, nobody has discovered it. While it is a secret, I think the word “secret” has people hoping for too much, so for that I should apologize. It’s perhaps more of an “amusing nugget”? At any rate, I knew this one would take a long time to discover, but I’m also completely confident someone WILL discover it. I’m not spilling the beans yet however—I miss the days when discovering everything about a game meant more than just reading an FAQ online.

Well you guys, the challenge is still out there. Let's see if we can't crack this one before Mega Man 10 comes out.

News Credit: GoNintendo