New Year Tidings from Ariga Brings Megamix 4 Update

Hitoshi Ariga, writer/artist for the popular Rockman Megamix and Rockman Remix manga (among others, such as The Big O) has bestowed upon fans a double-helping of New Year's tidings. First, he's crafted the New Year's card (aka "nengajou") you see at right, as is apparently a customary tradition for many a game developer and artist in Japan. You can find his original post for it here, if it suits your purposes.

But perhaps of greater interest is the new which has accompanies the card, a small status update on his latest Rockman manga volume, Rockman Megamix 4. As he apologizes for still not yet being able to speak of the manga directly, Ariga reassures the fans that he is indeed working very hard on the next installment. As it stands, he cannot comment on it due to the publisher seemingly reserving the right to make all forthcoming announcements about the book. But in spite of this, he is hopeful for a release sometime this year.

One can only wonder what this new book will include, and which characters we will see rendered in his distinct style.

News Credit: Radix, via Protoman's Home Page