They grow up so fast

bdayIndeed they do. Ok, I'm jumping the proverbial December 17th gun a little bit, but technically it's already the 17th in the East. That's right, our beloved Mega Man / Rockman has turned 21. Mega Man's 20th year came with some big surprises, with Mega Man 9's true return to the classic roots, and Ryuusei no Rockman 3 going above and beyond expectations of content (at least in my opinion). I think these two games will make fans look to Mega Man's 21st year with great anticipation.

It's kind of hard to imagine Mega Man "grown up," although in a way that's the case. The series rose up with great renowned and energy, went through some adolescent and experimental years, and is now really starting to figure itself out. I guess that's a little subjective but it feels that way to me. But what I do know is I'm thankful to have shared the majority of my life with Mega Man, and I look forward eagerly to the years to come.

Incidentally, it is also the 15th anniversary of Mega Man X, and in another day, it'll be the 11th anniversary of Mega Man Legends.