Rating the Robot Masters

I think we can all agree that the Robot Masters in a Mega Man game play a big role in how well that game is regarded. Gaming analyst Sean Malstrom has a pretty lengthy article which seeks to rank each Robot Master from the first eight Mega Man titles and see if the strength of their characters correlates any with the strength of the game they appear in. It's a pretty interesting read, as Malstrom's argument is Mega Man is defined more than most other series for its villains. I will warn that the ratings are written a little bit tongue in cheek, and chances are there's a judgment you won't agree with. Just remember that Malstrom isn't making a judgment value on your tastes, just on the games themselves as he perceives them and their overall renowned. While I can't say I agree with Malstrom on every point, his writing is insightful and I really respect his work. At the very least, read the prefaces and game reviews for some background before jumping into the Robot Master ratings and getting defensive.