Composer Bear McCreary Reveals Love of Mega Man, Wants to Compose for Games

Bear McCreary, composer of music for TV shows such as Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles says he's working with Capcom on a new game, and would love to work on a Mega Man title. According to an entry in his blog, Mega Man 2 is one of his favorite games of all time, for which he even composed his own theme arrangement as a kid. Now, he posts the following in his blog:

"I've actually used a lot of influence from Mega Man in the new season of Eureka. Listen in the first episode of season 3 and you’ll hear some blatantly obvious homages. I've introduced a lot of 8-bit NES and Gameboy sounds to my writing template, most of them sampled directly off the old hardware. It’s been a fascinating sound to play around with. I also pulled heavily from 16-bit systems, including the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis for some old-school FM synthesis. One of the things that makes Eureka so much fun is that I get to do this kind of experimentation.

And, I've definitely been feeling the itch to go back and do another version of the Mega Man II theme, which is the most kick-ass piece of music to come from the NES. A full McCreary / orchestral / rock arrangement would truly kick ass. Honestly, I just need the excuse to do it. Someone should just hire me to score a new Mega Man game! :) I'm actually doing a project for Capcom later this year… maybe I'll suggest it to them."

That would be interesting to see-- or rather, to hear. To those familiar with his work, which series might benefit most from the McCreary musical touch?

And as proof of his devotion, he offers up the following picture of his collection of hard drives, each containing a portion of his collection of musical works and labeled with a different Mega Man character for identification.


News credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner