Interview with MM9's Takeshita, DLC Brings "Fake Man"

fakemanLate last night GameSpot posted an interview with MM9's producer Hironobu Takeshita concerning the upcoming special stage and some interesting elements about the game's development.

The special stage, which releases next week, is designed to be especially challenging (and the accompanying screens do look devilish). Waiting at the end is the boss character Fake Man, who appears to be one of the police robots seen in the game's story.

The interview also goes on to talk about the development process behind each of the Robot Masters, with interesting facts such as how Hornet Man was originally intended to be the female boss, and Galaxy Man was based on the UFOs George Adamsky photographed. Takeshita also says that Mega Man 10 would be possible with the support of fans.

I can see some people being disappointed with Fake Man, though with I name like that I have to wonder if he's... real. I think I speculate too much these days, though.