Mega Man 9 Hits Wall Street & Nine Little Things Games Radar Loves

Over at the Capcom*Unity, Kramez has revealed something that a lot of Mega Man fans were unaware of: a mention in a Wall Street Journal article that looks at the market for more difficult games, such as Mega Man 9 and Treasure's Bangai-O Spirits.

Mega Man 9: stronger than the American economy and twice as likely to give you a heart attack.


In addition, S-Kill (who, if he's reading this, I really wish would return my PMs) found a Games Radar article about nine little things that they love about Mega Man 9. Some of them, you may have seen; others, maybe not. It's worth a look, but be warned: the last one on the second page is a minor spoiler of the ending, for those who've not beaten it yet. Oh, and another warning: Pop-ups aplenty.

Also, slightly amused at their bit about first revealing the game-- Nintendo Power (also a Future property) had it first, and we were the first to report it on the web via them. I suppose to be technical, Protodude, Destructoid, and the OFLC had info before that, though it was still unconfirmed at that point. Oh well, no big deal.