Mega Man 9 Contest

Mega Man 9. Need I say more? Mega. Man. Nine. It's coming out this month and you can snag it on WiiWare for free by entering our contest. What's more, you can possibly win a copy of the Mega Man 9 original soundtrack to boot! If you're itching to win these retro wonders, just see the details below. Conditions for entering:To claim the prize of Mega Man 9, you must own a Nintendo Wii that is able to receive wi-fi internet and has a valid friend code. You also must live in the United States or Canada - due to the Wii's regional blocking we cannot guarantee the ability to transfer Mega Man 9 to other countries. If for whatever unforeseen difficulties we are unable to transfer you Mega Man 9, we will instead send money for the value of the game.

Prizes: Grand prize winner: A copy of Mega Man 9 delivered to their Wii and a Mega Man 9 original soundtrack (product is in Japanese) Two runner-up winners: A copy of Mega Man 9 delivered to their Wii

Objective:Because Mega Man 9 is going back to the basics, we thought we'd make entering simple! All you need to do is mail us the answers to the below 20 trivial questions. If you're a long-time Mega Man fan, these questions probably won't be too tough! However, if you're newer to the series you ought to be able to find the majority of the answers by searching the game data on our site. For example, if you wanted to know details about Heat Man, you can simply type "Heat Man" in the search box at the top of the page.

At the end of the contest run, we will randomly select entries and the first to have all 20 questions correct wins! Just send your answers to with the subject "MM9 CONTEST." We will take all entries until midnight, September 14th, west coast time.


  • Must get all questions correct
  • Only one entry per person

Disclaimer:By entering this contest, you agree to present your home mailing address should you win so that we can mail you your prize. If you are under the age of 15 you should get consent from your parents to give out your mailing address before entering. We are not responsible for any trouble you might get into with your parents should they not agree to giving your home address. You also must be able to present your Wii friend code and indicate the country in which you reside. The terms and conditions of this contest may change at any time, including after the contest is over. Entering this contest does not create any legally binding contract between yourself and the members of The Mega Man Network.

Status: CLOSED

THE QUIZ! 01. What is Auto's favorite food?

02. What game contains the enemy Pickelman Dada?

03. How many types of Metalls are in Mega Man 5?

04. Which Robot Master is DWN-047?

05. Enker, Punk and Ballade are what type of robot?

06. What does Slash Man dislike?

07. How much HP does Hammer Joe have in Mega Man 3?

08. Including the Break Man encounter, how many stages does Mega Man 3 have?

09. Who designed Astro Man?

10. What purpose was Bright Man made for originally?

11. Who's the only Mega Man 2 Robot Master to not be turned into a Net Navi in the Battle Network series?

12. In Mega Man, how many points is an Adhering Suzy worth?

13. What is the name of Pirate Man's primary weapon?

14. Whose stage in Mega Man 5 for GB is full of bubbles?

15. How many challenges are in Mega Man Powered Up?

16: What's the most effective weapon to use against Needle Man?

17: Who is the series' first female boss character?

18: What is Treble's Japanese name?

19: How many Dark Man robots are there?

20: How much do you want Mega Man 9?


1: Crackers

2: Mega Man III

3: Six

4: Wind Man

5: Mega Man Hunters/Killers

6: Nail Clippers

7: Eight

8: Nineteen

9: Keiji Inafune

10: Night time illustration

11: Crash man

12: 300

13: Remote Mine

14: Venus

15: 100

16: Gemini Laser

17: Splash Woman

18: Gospel

19: Four

20: --