Turn Windows XP into a Virtual PET

A programmer by the name of Liam Akakpo created a special program that turns your Windows XP operating system into a Virtual PET (PErsonal Terminal, if you're not familiar with Battle Network/EXE lingo). What seems to be the deal is that through ONE window, you're able to control many, many functions of the computer like adding/removing programs, opening internet browsers, and using media players all from one window.

While this may seem a bit too much (personally, I can open internet browsers and media players from my quick launch in both XP and in Ubuntu), it's an intriguing concept nonetheless, and is only in the beginning stages of development. It is not yet available to the public for distribution, yet. Keep an eye out for future updates about this.

Thanks to Protodude for letting us know, and Josh, the person that showed Protodude.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner: Turn Windows Into a Virtual PET

EDIT: I was snooping around the user account of the video on Protodude's blog and found that a DarkKittenGamer was the one beta testing for their friend, Liam (the programmer). It seems I should retract my previous statements of the program being closed to the public, because there is a Wordpress blog that details updates, and has a download page for both Windows XP and Windows Vista. I'll test it out personally to see how it fairs, and will edit again with my opinion. The download is available in both English and Japanese.

EDIT 2: I have to say... I am really impressed. This little app does a lot. I mean, it's simple stuff that we can all do without it, but why bother when it's all in one little package? I'm able to open up the task manager on the fly, and then the next instance I can search Youtube for a video. Very impressive, Liam. There's going to be an article up on the site about this when I get the time.