Rockman 9 Site Updated, Items Revealed

itemsitems2The Rockman 9 website was updated, and shows off a screen with some of the items in the game. Staff member John translated some of it for us since Heat is away on... err, special business.

1Up Energy Can Mystery Can Eddie Call Energy Balancer Beat Call Shock Guard Guard Up Costume (Roll) Hairstyle Book

Not necessarily in that order, but those are what are said to be in from the description. A quote from Protodude's blog also sheds some light:

"The Roll icon is "Costume" which I'm assuming allows you to "play as" characters like Roll and Protoman. The little book is "Hair-style Book" which probably let's him make sprite changes to just his hair, and the 1/2 icon is "Guard-UP" which halves damage."

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner: Shopping In Rockman 9, Items Revealed Rockman 9 Official Website

EDIT: Repliroid20XX has pointed us in the direct of his blog, which gives a better rundown of items. Give it a look!