World Hobby Fair: RM9 & RnR3 Updates

The World Hobby Fair started July 12th, and the Mega Man Network is going to keep you updated with what we and other sites can find. Dengeki has some picture from Capcom's booth and shows off some pretty cool things. The Ryusei no Rockman 2 contest was going on, and some RnR3 stuff was going on. Here are some pics

Translated a block of text that appeared above the pictures from Capcom's booth from the link below:

--- The challenge events and national convention for Ryuusei no Rockman 2 was held. At the event in the booth for Ryuusei no Rockman 3, the latest info on the game was also presented, and the gathered fans were enjoying the Ryuusei no Rockman series with DSes in hand. Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revivial which will be distributed via WiiWare in September was also made playable, and those fans who enjoyed the original Rockman series made a line at it. The exhibited Rockman 9 allowed play of one of two available stages. While reaching the boss room in either stage was the end point, the stage traps were truly clever and it seemed many of the players buried their heads in their hands. Aside from this, the corner for the business-use "Wantame Music Channel" was also presented. ---

Check out Dengeki's news page for their WHF information from today, including pictures and scoops from different companies.

UPDATE #1 Here's another translation of a blog post from Gyroman Black. He attended the event and got to play some of Rockman 9. Here are his opinions:

--- The product seemed completey like the reproduction a Famicom Rockman, it was perfectly Rockman. Also I played with the Wii remote on its side with no discomfort whatsoever.

I played two stages which were Concrete Man and Plug Man. In the boss select seen, it wasn't the boss's face but rather the R mark of the Right Numbers that appeared. This time Dr. Right is the villain...?

Concrete Man's stage was the dying type of stage with the inopportune attacks from enemies and facing an elephant midboss three times, where I accumulated a lot of damage. Plug Man's stage was a stage more aimed at instant death, where the disappearing blocks were the main thing with lots of spikes and pits. The former stage was much more slow! The latter seemed much more quick, I felt!

I stood in line three times to play Plug Man's stage, and cleared it the second time, although upon clearing there was no boss at the end.

I was embarassed dying at the same place three times in one try, so I talked to Mr. Horiken (Capcom producer Takeshi Horinouchi) shortly and then rechallenged the stage again, this time making no mistakes. Then, I stood in line once again to try what I thought was Concrete Man's stage, but mistakenly it was Plug Man again... so I cleared it there and passed it onto the next person.

I didn't have the energy to wait in line again so I called it a day. ---

That lets us know that the in the Dengeki screens from the above link are from either Plug Man's or Concrete Man's stage. Pretty cool.

Credit: Gyoman Black