Star Force 3 info hints at transformations

ITmedia has posted an article concerning a bit of info for Mega Man Star Force 3. Mostly it talks about the game's four featured characters as of now, Geo, Bud, Solo and Shidou, and also shows off color variations for the Hunter VG. It also highlights that the title will assuredly have new transformations, and talks about the Hunter VG's transformation ability: "In every Hunter VG the Satellite Police have installed an EM transformation authentication system. In theory, this would allows anyone with a Hunter VG to do an EM transformation like Geo, except the EM transformation program is locked and can only be opened with an authentication code sent by the Satellite Police. MegaMan's appearance after transforming has also changed due to the Hunter VG's Wizard control system. With all of the battle card data stored in the left hand buster, weapons can be equipped more freely than before. There are also other hidden abilities, which are secret for now."

The rest of the info you can go see at our Star Force 3 info page.