Mega Man 9 Announced in Japan ... Black Colored Rockman?

GoNintendo Found a scan from Famitsu with information on Rockman 9. The subtitle for this game seems to be something along the lines of Yabou no Fukkatsu!! (The Ambition's Revival!!). There seems to be a (obvious) screen from Jewel Man's stage, some new pics, and some revised old pictures. The scan slates Rockman 9 to be released in September of this year. 80960_viploader688627_122_260lo

Take note of the small section on the page where Mega Man has a black sprite next to him. It can't be a weapon change; they're making too much of a big deal out of it. Now, if it isn't a weapon change, just what is it? We'll find out soon, bet on it.

Source: GoNintendo: Famitsu news - various Wii/DS scans, more Mega Man 9