Haha, but seriously

A few days ago on a little something called April Fools, Inti Creates advertised an upcoming product known as the Rockman ZX Soundsketch: ZX Gigamix. Pricing it at three billion yen, they were clearly trying to take advantage of the weak US dollar. But today Gigamix has reappeared on their site (at the more gracious price of 3,000 yen), and this time it's legit. Planned to release the end of this month, it seems to be a combination soundtrack and drama recording, containing dialogue recordings, arranged music and new theme songs. This is supposed to introduce new information that was previously unknown about the ZX series. There will also be artwork by famed Rockman manga artists Ariga and Iwamoto, as well as other illustrations never released to the public.

It remains to be seen how this story soundtrack will affect the future of ZX games.