Capcom Stuff

Capcom's been busy, and considering they're ranked #4 of the top ten game developers in Japan it should be no surprise. As it stands, Capcom's Gamer Day event has been announced for April 12th this year, where they'll gleefully show off what they've got on the burner. Chances are about 100% this is when Mega Man Star Force 2 gets announced, but perhaps we'll be lucky enough to hear about other Mega Man works then. Capcom is a little overdue in announcing anything brand new on the Rockman/Mega Man front, and Japanese gamers are musing that they're saving up the news for when the R20 book is released, which as it happens would just be a couple weeks before Capcom's Gamer's Day expo.

Furthermore, CoA has announced that they have 15 titles in development, though only half of them are really known. This has lead some to speculate; one of them has to be a Mega Man game, right? At the very least we do have enough info from the 2007 Rockman 20th anniversary event that some new Mega Man game is in the works, and given the secretiveness for this long there's a good chance'll it'll be pretty interesting.

Various News Credit: GoNintendo