Speaking of Books...

I have some good news for you all in regards to a book we've long been waiting for:The MegaMan Zero Complete Works. The last we heard of this book, was Amazon shutting down preorders, stating that maybe the book would be back for preorder in Febuary 2008. Well, here we are in that month, and nothing has happened. Curious, I decided to email Udon, and ask them how things were going.

Udon has kindly replied, and what they were able to tell me, was that the long-awaited book is currently at the printer, and they are hoping for a late March/early April release. They've apparently had various delays for unknown reasons, but I certainly applaud and appreciate their hard work in bringing the collection out to the english MegaMan fans.

So, Udon and I will keep you update on the release (and hopefully not further delays ;3 )