Paper Mega Man

News sure has been pretty slow as of late. All there's really been are wild, unfounded rumors, and then the stuff that "kind of" has to do with Mega Man. This is one of the latter. Recently in Japan, our man Keiji Inafune announced "Daletto World," a joint effort between Capcom and mobile content provider Dwango (which Keiji also has a hand in). While I haven't read up on all the details, it appears to be a Second Life-ish online community sort of thing, where your avatar is represented as a paper cut-out person. The game boasts being entirely controllable with the PC mouse. Naturally, aside from interacting with people, you can get (i.e. buy) digital contents, like cosplay for your paper guy: hence the Mega Man paper character. That's as far as this goes in being about Mega Man, so you can run along if that's all you were looking for. Capcom hopes to have three million users in Daletto World by 2010.

An intriguing aspect, though, is that games may be accessible through this online world, or at least I'm assuming so from seeing that weird-ass Street Fighter game shown on the next page (which also is entirely controlled with the mouse, that's gotta be interesting). Could this be an outlet for Mega Man games to appear on someday? Would it even matter to us outside of Japan? How would you feel if new MM titles came out over an online PC service rather than consoles and handhelds?

News Credit: +D Games