Bringing the Fire to TMMN

Hey folks, Heat Man here. I hope so far you've enjoyed The Mega Man Network, the new home of Atomic Fire's work. I know for some fans of AF this transition has been inconvenient, but I promise that in due time you'll feel natural here. Please give it a chance. To get the ball rolling, and to learn this whole wiki format, I've put up all four Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums, and you can find them in the Music Archive. Happy downloading, and keep an eye out for more downloads.

You may also have noticed that we have a Coppermine gallery up, where we're busy amassing official artwork. With the combined image hoarding of TMMN and AF you can expect to have more pictures than ever before!

Another major objective here is to bring over AF's oekaki boards intact, and we'll try to make that happen as soon as possible. And don't forget, the Halloween contest announced on AF is still going on, and we'll make a page for it here ASAP. Keep working on your entries!

On behalf of Atomic Fire, I appreciate your patience and understanding in this move, and I hope you find The Mega Man Network just as good if not better. We're all working to make it such, so enjoy!

-Heat Man