TMMN Podcast #003: Which Mega Man Game Wins the Most?

WARNING: This Podcast contains suggestive language and... no acid drop jokes? Also, spoilers about Mr. X (hint: he's Dr. Wily... oops). Listen at your own discretion. Recorded September 16th, 2007 - YES I KNOW I SOUND HORRIBLE AND LAME I WAS SICK AND HARV IS ANNOYING AND OMG SORRY. OK, OK, so. We decided that since we just did a podcast about which game we would deem the best in Mega Man-dom. But John promptly turned it to which games from each series were the best, which if anything, ensured a longer podcast. We chalked up some good ones (yes, we mentioned Mega Man 2, jeez), and for some reason got into a discussion about... BN4. Don't ask. Anyway, rest assured that The Mega Man Network is always uses 40% of it's budget on everything we do... meaning we waste a lot of our budget on stuff... our nonexistent budget... yeah, well, enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Members This Session:

  • comicchaser
  • Goten X (Podcast Host)
  • Harv
  • John (Host)
  • Jowy (also known as Sixteen)
  • theory C
  • TheDivine

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