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Mega Man Goes to China in New Bootleg Film

Have Mega Buster, will travel.

Massive Mega Man Merch Megapost 2

The NetOp has Lan-ded.

Rumor: Details on Mega Man of Action Game? (Update)

Everyone take your salt grains in an orderly fashion.

28 "Super Effective" Facts About Bass

And some Mega Man Legends, too.

Mega Man's Sister Steps Up in Roll Boss Rush

Just Roll with it.

Five Years On, and Get Me Off The Moon is Still Going Strong

Prepare for a Legendary raffle.

All Helmets Break Loose at San Diego Comic-Con!

Get the Lead out, or Leaf it alone; either way, you'll need to be Quick to beat the Rush!

Rockman & Forte: Challenger From the Future Receives Fan Translation

Now you can get the full story.

Nintendo Announces the NES Classic Edition

Mega Man 2 included.

Retroware TV Looks at Numerous Mega Man "Clones"

Less blue, more bomber?