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Inti Creates Announces Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

A striking announcement. A striking new character.

TruForce Kickstarter Update: Fully Funded, Ride Chaser Illustration, More

It's been a little while since we last checked in with TruForce Collectibles and their Kickstarter to help produce that cool premium Mega Man X figure. Fortunately, good news is afoot!

A Critical Look at Mega Man 6 Stages: Dr. Wily Stages 3 and 4

Before we reach the teleporter room, this game has one more awesome stage segment to throw at us.

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 4: Finale

First we had our three blue heroes (plus a stick-slingin' badger), then we saw an egg roller, Shellcore warrior, fantasy fighter, and a hero who is simply Viewtiful. Yesterday brought us a goddess, a demon, a Nightmaren, and a beast rider from the distant past. That brings us today, where we learn the final identities of the Capcom and SEGA franchises participating in Archie's "Worlds Unite."

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 3: Dreams, Nightmares, and Those In-Between

It's Day 3 of IGN's ongoing reveal of who we can expect to see in what's looking less and less like Mega Man and Sonic and more and more like Capcom and SEGA: Worlds Unite.

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Part 2: Beyond Mega Man and Sonic

Following yesterday's reveal, today's spotlight reveals some new characters to be taking part in the "Worlds Unite" crossover from Archie, and as many suspected, they do indeed go well beyond the realms of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mega Man Board Game Updates with Colored Game Pieces, Art

Jasco Games has been garnering a fair bit of headline space here on the Network lately, mostly with stories about the Mega Man portion of their Universal Fighting System collectible card game. Today, however, is something different.

The Blue Ink Reviews Mega Man #46 ā€“ Clash of the Titans

25 issues or so after we got our first look at the robot that Blues was, we finally get the showdown that's been building up for the entire time.

Worlds Unite Teaser Image Hints at a Much Bigger Picture

This is going to be an interesting week...

Shipping Announcement for UFS Mega Man: Rise of the Masters Cards

It was only a few days ago when we posted about the latest news in the world of the Universal Fighting System's Mega Man line from Jasco Games, and we've since received an update regarding the status of the core set cards' shipment.