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"Why Does Mega Man Shoot Lemons?" And Other Odd Google Inquiries

Sometimes the only thing stranger than the answer is the question.

Can You Beat This Mega Man Zero Speedrun?

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J-Pop Idol Group Cheeky Parade Pays Homage to Mega Man and More

Get equipped with "C.P.U -!? Beard driver Remix-MV."

Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man 4

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Japan's Animate Stores Opening Up Rockman Shop

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Hanayashiki Celebrates 15 Years of Rockman.EXE in Japan

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Amazon Reveals Mega Man Legacy Collection Special Edition for Xbox One and PS4

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Take Archie Comics' Reader Survey and Save 30% on Your Order

Three guesses why this is here. The first two don't count.

More Pics and More Details on X-Plus Roll

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Multiverse Studio Again(?) Announces 1:1 Scale Replica Mega Man Helmet

Protect your noggin with the helmet professional robot hunters use!

* Note: Not actually recommended for head protection.