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Dookieshed Kicks Off Mega Man March

As March gets underway, celebration is afoot...

Azure Striker Gunvolt Strikes Again with Update, Demo, and Theme

Mere days after Inti Creates announced that a sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt would be forthcoming, they've released an update... to the original game.

A Critical Look at Mega Man 6 Stages: Overview

Mega Man 6 is an odd one.

A Pear and an Apple Walk Into a Brawl...

Okay, it's a busy day, so not a lot of time for anything too elaborate here. Fortunately, YoshiAngemon sent just the thing...

ScrewAttack Unveils Jump'N'Shoot Attack for Mobile

"A mobile game for gamers... that doesn't suck," it boasts.

Review: Rockman Utopia

Longtime friend and fellow former Nintendo Power writer Chris Hoffman offers his take on the latest Blue Bomber soundtrack offering from Japan.

Inti Creates Announces Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

A striking announcement. A striking new character.

TruForce Kickstarter Update: Fully Funded, Ride Chaser Illustration, More

It's been a little while since we last checked in with TruForce Collectibles and their Kickstarter to help produce that cool premium Mega Man X figure. Fortunately, good news is afoot!

A Critical Look at Mega Man 6 Stages: Dr. Wily Stages 3 and 4

Before we reach the teleporter room, this game has one more awesome stage segment to throw at us.