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The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Review on Mario's Hat

Does this make him a "Mega Nerd"?

Worlds Unite Prelude Preview and Interview (Update: Make That PreviewS, Plural)

We mentioned earlier that this Saturday, May 2nd will be Free Comic Book Day, and Archie Comics is taking part with a special "flip book" featuring some lead-in material to the upcoming Worlds Unite crossover event.

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Weapons

While we don't have our full inventory yet, we've reached the Wily stages, and that means it's time to check out our weapons.

Your Worlds Unite Free Comic Book Day Reminder

Just a quick reminder to one and all that this Saturday, May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day!

X Renders Released from Kiboshed Maverick Hunter Game

You might recall a couple of years ago when word came out about a first-person shooter based on the Mega Man X series called "Maverick Hunter."

Mighty No. 9 Delayed for Added Value, Plus More Voices

The last thing that anyone wants to hear about a game that they've long been looking forward to is that it's been delayed, and Comcept's Mighty No. 9 is no exception. However, despite the groans that this may elicit, the delay may ultimately prove to be beneficial for everyone.

One Minute Melee: Mega Man vs. Samus (Plus Zero vs. Meta Knight)

Two warriors who fight for justice in suits of high tech armor with a cannon on their arm... that's pretty much where the similarities between Mega Man and Samus Aran begin and end, but it's always been just enough for people to pair these heroes from Capcom and Nintendo, respectively, whether as allies or rivals.

The Blue Ink Reviews Mega Man #48 – Yes, Virginia, There is a Mr. X...

For those of us who were looking for an epic fight against Gamma, this issue definitely delivered.

The Dark Man Side of Kazoo

When you hear the name of the villainous Dark Man, the robot employed by Dr. Wily to frame Proto Man for the kidnapping of Dr. Light, you probably think of something sinister, something diabolical, something... well, dark.

A Critical Look at Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Stages: Fire Man

Sure, let's stand here and shoot some Suzys.