Mega Man Sues Capcom

Capcom's legal representative, Apollo Justfish

Capcom's legal representative, Apollo Justfish

In a development that very few find surprising, game character Mega Man has filed a formal lawsuit against Capcom for distress and damages. At present, Capcom is refusing to comment on the situation, however the lawsuit itself has been made public on the internet via court filing.

What is surprising about the suit, perhaps, is that it in fact has nothing to do with the cancellation of Mega Man  games or the bereavement of fans.  According to the suit, Mega Man claims that the development staff at Capcom continually stole his lunch from the refrigerator.

According to Mega Man, speaking from his palatial estate on Mars: 

I just couldn't stand it anymore. I mean, it was beginning to become a daily occurrence. I even write my name on the lunchbox, "Mega Man." No one else there is named Mega Man; it's not just a mistake.

Mega Man's legal representative sent us the following video.

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