Welcome to The Mega Man Network Staff section. Here we would like to detail each staff member's purpose and current positions. Click on a staff member's name to find out more about them.

Current Site Administration & Maintenance

  • LBD "Nytetrayn" - Site Administrator, Public Relations, Boss Man
  • LanceHeart - Site Technician and Maintenance, Coder, Hero
  • Tabby - Fan Art Coordinator, Oekaki Mom


  • Glass Knuckle - "A Critical Look at..."
  • Erico - "The Blue Ink"
  • James - Features Contributor

Former Staff

  • Heat Man - Content Developer, Translator, Standard for Awesomeness
  • Tim - Administrative Adviser, Floating Head
  • Ryudo - Fan Fiction, MegaMan Battle Network, MegaMan Star Force, Local Geohound
  • Splashman - Music Archive Specialist, Eater of M&M's
  • Mainfinger - Miscellaneous Mega Man News
  • Gelgameth - Mega Man Wiki Editor
  • Cheston - Assistant Media Coordinator
  • Time Man - We're not actually sure what he does...
  • Maverick-jin8 - IRC Op
  • Red Draco - IRC Op
  • Rock Miyabi - Forum Moderator
  • PressStart - Forum Moderator
  • Otaku - Forum Moderator

Applicable Site Credits:

  • Original MMXO designs by Reeve & Rahul Choudhury
  • Original Site Design (MMNv1&2) by Rahul Choudhury
  • Interim Site Design (MMNv3) by Mike Salbato
  • Minimalist Designs by Kanuck
  • MMNv6 Design by Calypo. Edits and Alterations by Tim, Delta, & Ageman20XX
  • TMMN Banner and Logo: Dark Napalm and Tabby
  • MMNv8 Design by WPDesigner/Small Potato, customization by LanceHeart and Heat Man

Interested in a position or contributing? Are you nuts?! Well, if we can't talk you out of it, then contact the Site Admin to find out specifics about open positions and/or various resources that The Mega Man Network is in need of.